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Aisa Mijeno: Lighting the Way for the Mountain People in Kalinga

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“The SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting) Lamp was born out of compassion for the people I met during my travels,” said Aisa Mijeno.

During one of her personal immersions in Kalinga, Engr. Jimeno saw the hardship of mountain communities and tribes: At night in a place where electricity is not available, people would need to walk 12 hours to and fro the nearest town to buy keresone just to light up lamps and as heat source for cooking.

Their supply would last for only two days, so they would have to spend 12 hours walking every other day, and that’s when Aisa came to realize the need to invent something sustainable and is a renewable source of energy.

She also considered that kerosene is not only dangerous for the local’s health but also entails risk for fire accidents.

As a computer engineering graduate engaged in social work, Aisa seized the opportunity to marry both worlds; to invent something heavy on the science, and make it purposeful in the lives of poor communities.

A sustainable alternative light source, the SALt lamps are “made of tediously experimented and improved chemical compounds, catalysts, and metal alloys that when submerged in electrolytes will generate electricity,” Aisa reiterated in an interview with ABS-CBN News.

This invention became useful in several rural communities including those living in coastal towns in which case they may use unlimited water from the ocean.

Aisa Mejano has received several awards from the Philippines, Singapore, Japan and South Korea.


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