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Dong Juan’s Broccoli in Mushroom and Seaweeds

for the Best Vegetable Dish category

Restaurant Profile

Dong Juan’s Broccoli in Mushroom and Seaweeds truly stands up to its description in the menu: it’s a symphony of different flavors, all coming together in one delicious dish. The dish is a true favorite among Dong Juan’s many patrons and guests. Entering Dong Juan's is like going back in time to the Spanish colonial era. Their Broccoli in Mushroom and Seaweeds is an interesting dish to try and could be paired with several delectable entree from their menu.

Guests truly adore the restaurant’s façade, which looks like an old house converted into a restaurant. Once inside, guests are treated to a surprise, as if they’ve stepped back in time, back to the age of the Spanish Occupation, and the overall experience of the restaurant has been described by its patrons as cozy and comfortable.

The restaurant is located at 72 Mo. Ignacia Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, with numerous other branches around the Philippines.

User Comments:

This dish was rated by Zomato users at 3.8, and the restaurant itself was described “…service is excellent...the food great ....but affordable.” - Elizabeth Arcega Magno


You can get a taste of this delectable dish for only Php 239.

Images courtesy of Dong Juan.


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