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Hillside Café and Juice Bar’s Baked Salmon topped with Caesar dressing

for the Best Seafood Dish category

Restaurant Profile

If one were to describe Hillside Café, it would be as simple as saying, “healthy living.” The restaurant offers both vegan and vegetarian options for its many loyal customers, as well as serving cold-pressed and fresh juices, smoothies, and shakes, all with the goal of your health in mind. Of course, don’t worry: they also have other, equally-delicious meals if you’re not that ready to embark on your vegetarian journey just yet. Meals maybe costly, but Hillside Cafe and Juice Bar's Baked Salmon was made with the freshest ingredients. This dish is full of luscious flavors yet good for the body.

Hillside Café can be found over at Cedarhills Garden Center, 57 Mother Ignacia Street, Paligsahan, Quezon City.

User Comments:

Jen Towers over at Zomato had this to say about Hillside Cafe: “One of those places where you feel like staying for a long time. Homey, clean and peaceful setting. Food is obviously healthy and yummy. A bit pricey but expected because of the ingredients used.”


You can get this delicious salmon for only Php 325.

Image courtesy of Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar.


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