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Dong Juan’s Pork Sisig

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Restaurant Profile

Pork Sisig: what could be a more iconic Filipino dish, especially when it comes to pulutan? Sisig is a dish many copy, but fairly few ever get right. However, Dong Juan comes very close to perfecting this true symbol of Pinoy ingenuity and camaraderie. "Sisig" is a kapampangan term which means "to snack on something sour". It also refers to preparing meat or fish by marinating in something sour like vinegar or kalamansi then seasoned with spices. One of the best-loved Filipino dishes, have a sizzling and crunchy pork sisig to please your palate.

This restaurant has numerous branches, but this one is located at 72 Mother Ignacia Avenue, Paligsahan, Quezon City.

User Comments:

Samantha Joseph over at Zomato has this to say about Dong Juan: “Having mostly tried all on their menu, what I can highly recommend are the following: all meat pochero (Cebu's signature dish), sisig, shrimp in crab roe and olive oil (my personal favorite), kalamansi blush (for me feels like having a drink and a dessert in one).”


This dish is available for only Php 149.

Image courtesy of Dong Juan.


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