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There’s Something About Sunday’s Beef Steak

for the Best Beef Dish category

Restaurant Profile

Tucked away and hidden away from the usual restaurant traps of Tomas Morato, you can find a small haven for people trying to get away from the stresses of their high-demanding jobs, looking for good food that can nourish them without burning holes in their pockets. Sunday provides that: with beautiful interiors that relaxes the mind, and all-day breakfasts that excite the senses, it’s a culinary escape in the middle of the big city. This cosy and relaxing restaurant will not just satisfy your palate but also bring out your inner zen. Try their delightful Beef Steak that is served with rice and two eggs for a delightful experience.

The restaurant is located at 49-C Scout Tobias Street, Laging Handa, Quezon City.

User Comments:

A visit to any restaurant is always a holistic experience, one which was truly showcased by Mar Elizer Rodriguez, saying, “Aside from the restaurant's beautiful interior, they also have great all day breakfasts and for me, their Beef Tapa is one of the best!”


You can have a taste of the deliciousness of Sunday’s Beef Steak for only Php 148.

Image courtesy of EatsAFood.


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