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Masungi Georeserve

for the Best Recreational Spots category

Things to do:

Nestled in the rainforests of the province of Rizal is a conservation area for exquisite rock formations. Masungi Georeserve is named after the Filipino word ‘masungki’ which means ‘spiked’, aptly describing the stones around the area.

It is famous for its ‘Sapot’ resembling a spider’s web where visitors could get a magnificent view of Laguna de Bay while effortlessly chilling at the top of some of the rock formations. Thereafter, people could go to one of the largest hammocks in the Philippines, where a cactus garden and an air house is also located.

Nearby places:

Tanay Rizal is a place of natural beauty where visitors could enjoy the nearby Daranak Falls, Batlag Falls, Calinawan Cave, Tinipak River, and Kinabuan Falls.

User Comments:

Nominating this beautiful attraction because I loved how the nature blends with man's creation. It is also fit for family adventures, My lolo and lola even climbed this famous "Sapot". Truly, Masungi is one of the best. - Marrione Ruth De Castro

Photo by Marrione Ruth De Castro.


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