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Dahilayan Adventure Park

for the Best Recreational Spots category

Things to do:

In the province of Bukidnon is a place to quench one’s thirst to become a superhero. In Dahilayan Adventure Park, guests are given the chance to brave Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline. The zipline’s launch point is up to 4,700 feet above sea level with a speed of roughly 90 kph.

Guests could enjoy an afternoon of ATV ride around lush greeneries. They could also get their family and friends to enjoy a picnic at the park that is surrounded by pine trees. Better yet, people could also spend the night or two at the Dahilayan Pinegrove Lodge Mountain Resort.

Nearby places:

Bukidnon Province offers various activities for its visitors including a trek to Alalum Falls, Mount Dulang-Dulang, Mount Kitanglad, or a dip to the Nasuli Spring.

User Comments:

Dahilayan Adventure Park is the best Recreactional Area for me. When I travel going to Bukidnon and take a footsteps to go there, I can see the beautiful view of some parts of Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon, and it was my first time to take the Drop Zone Challenge. First, it was breath-taking but when the Drop Zone starts, I sway like I doing swaying in the playground. I want to go back this place to experience more adventures and to see beautiful creatures. Choose Philippines, Choose Dahilayan Adventure Park, Choose Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. - Chamshiie Andoy

Photo by Ida Nanette Damo.


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