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Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

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Location & Amenities

Tucked away in the historical and culturally-rich lands of Lapu-Lapu City in Mactan, Cebu is a resort rightfully known as one of Cebu's finest. As described lovingly by its staff for nearly 20 years, the entire property is located near the beach, with only a three minute walk separating you and the water. This gives you easy access to the pristine beaches Cebu is known the world over for. However, should you be tired of the beach, and looking for something less rugged, the resort boasts of numerous colonial-style houses, emulating the admirable aspects of the Philippines' past. These houses surround one of the world's largest privately-owned lagoons, a feature that the staff are more than proud of to showcase to their guests.

Recreational facilities include water slides in the numerous pools, a wall-climbing area, a tennis court and fitness center, and an archery range. Of course, being in close proximity to the beach and other must-see destinations in Cebu, the hotel can also accommodate your hiking and diving trips, so long as the neces-sary requirements and scheduling are met. In terms of food, the hotel stays true to their luxurious image, offering a wide range of cuisines, ranging from Italian to Japanese, from grilled food to pastries. Of course, all their dining facilities are award-winning, and are worthy of any distinguished palate.

Price Range

Prices for accommodation at the hotel range from Php 7,000 for couples or small families looking to enjoy the beautiful resort, to Php 45,000 for entire villas that can easily cater to large families or entire corporations for long durations. In terms of things to do nearby, Plantation Bay offers numerous tours for both foreign and local visitors, from a day trip around Cebu to see the numerous old churches and Spanish build-ings, and of course, the hotel also offers diving tours in Moalboal, one of the finest dive spots not only in Cebu, but perhaps the world over.

User Comment:

Pilipinas Wanderer Christian Rabuco loves it so much, because simply, according to him, “all you want is here! ALL IN ONE!”

All images courtesy of Plantation Bay Resort and Spa.


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