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Bohol Coco Farm

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Location and Amenities

More and more, people are choosing shared hostels over isolating themselves in fancy, high-end suites. Many would choose to share rooms and make friends, rather than dine and travel by themselves. Bohol Coco Farm in Panglao, Bohol lives up to this expectation: with common areas and communal facilities, you can easily make friends while traveling!

The hostel truly lives up to its name, being situated in a farm in Panglao, Bohol, making it a perfect place to escape and be closer to nature, especially now with newfound friends. However, provincial life is not for everyone, and since the hostel really emulates life in the province, it does not provide air-conditioning, and the mosquitoes and other insects could be an issue for some travelers. On the flip side, most of the items they serve in their in-house restaurant comes straight from their own farm, which they manage themselves, so you can be perfectly sure that your food is natural, organic, and most importantly, healthy.

Price Range

It’s the perfect to detox and relax in, especially if you’ve been out partying in nearby Boracay for a while and are looking for some quiet time, without having to spend a small fortune. In fact, for just a little over Php 600, you can already book a room for a night! Just make sure to bring lots of insect repellent with you.

If ever you do get tired of living the provincial life, you can simply tour the hostel’s extensive farm, just within the property. Or, since you’re already in Bohol, take a trip to see the beautiful Chocolate Hills in Carmen. Regardless of what you choose, the beautiful landscapes of Bohol will never cease to amaze you.

User Comment:

Pilipinas Wanderer Pascual LA loved his experience so much, he said that Bohol Coco Farm was “very affordable if not the cheapest hostel in Panglao… Most [tourists] who stay here are foreigners who want to experience how to live a life in a local way.”

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