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Villa Escudero

for the Best For Family category

Location & Amenities:

Villa Escudero was originally a coconut plantation but eventually became a resort which started accepting guests decades ago.

It beautifully showcases the Filipino culture with its carabao rides, the harana or serenade by locals, its museum which houses precious historical items, the native cuisine, the cultural show and the warm, Filipino hospitality evidently shown by the cheerful service of the resort staff.

Paddle around the river with a raft and native bamboo. Go bird watching around the vicinity. Get ready to get your feet wet at the lunch buffet by the man-made waterfalls. Use your hands to enjoy various Filipino food while feeling the gentle water lapping at your feet. Take a selfie at the waterfall or take a dip in the cold water. It will be quite a unique experience you will treasure.

Price Range:

Day tour costs about Php 1,250 per head. Overnight tour starts at Php 2,500 for fan rooms and air-conditioned rooms starts at Php 3,800 depending on the number of persons per room.

User Comments:

Marvin Guico said that Villa Escudero has a great view and fresh air. In addition, it showcases the culture of Filipinos.

Image courtesy of Marvin Guico.


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