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Amun Ini Beach Resort

for the Best For Family category

Location & Amenities:

Your home away from home. Sixteen capacious rooms with a mini garden and pebbled porched awaits at Amun Ini. Inhale that sea breeze. This is the perfect spot to forget all the stress of city life. Relax on a hammock or drink some fresh buko juice while basking in the ambiance of Amun Ini’s 300 meters wide pristine beach. Yes, this is the life!

The diversity of activities offered at Amun Ini will keep you busy. Swim by the pool with the view of the sea. Go paddle boarding at the turquoise blue waters of Bohol. Take a tour around the island and catch a sight of Bohol’s well-known Chocolate hills. Take a boat then watch playful dolphins dance in the open sea. Have a massage at the spa to de-stress. Relax your body. Enjoy the sumptuous food. Forget your diet.

Price Range:

Have your much awaited break that is fully packed. To experience the milk and honey of Amun Ini Resort comes at a cost. A minimum budget of Php 12,000 can accommodate you for a night.

User Comments:

“Visiting this place is a stunning experience, a tranquil getaway from the urban life,” said Sandyliz Talam.

All images courtesy of Amun Ini Beach Resort.


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