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Choose Philippines Awards has enlisted the help of passionate travel enthusiasts to honor the best people, places and experiences that brought meaning to every journey. Get to know more about our judges and find out why the Philippines is their main source of wanderlust.

  • Adelle Pauline Cortado

    Adelle Pauline Cortado

    Print Liaison Team Leader

    “I choose the Philippines because we have the most hospitable people in the world” /adellepauline @adellepauline
  • Alexis Deocaris

    Alexis Deocaris

    Food Blogger

    “I choose the Philippines because it has a lot of hidden gems”

    /forkspoonmanila @forkspoonmanila
  • Anton Ojeda

    Anton Ojeda

    Country Manager at Zomato

    “I choose the Philippines because...”
  • Atty. Abigail Querubin-Aquino

    Atty. Abigail Querubin-Aquino

    ABS-CBN Regional Head

    “I choose the Philippines because...”

  • Bernard Supetran

    Bernard Supetran


    “I choose the Philippines because...”
  • Cesar R. Villanueva

    Cesar R. Villanueva

    Government Employee

    “I choose the Philippines because it's more fun in the Philippines.”
  • Christine Ann Ibarreta

    Christine Ann Ibarreta


    “I choose the Philippines because I love everything about the Philippines.”

  • DJ Jhai Ho

    DJ Jhai Ho

    Radio DJ/Artist?Performer

    “I choose the Philippines because people are naturally warm, friendly and hospitable”

    /mor1019DJJhaiho @mor1019jhaiho
  • Docto Rusdan Carl Ban

    Docto Rusdan Carl Ban

    Revenue Officer of BIR revenue district 077

    “I choose the Philippines because apart from the warm hospitality of Filipinos and delicious local cuisines, Philippines is abundant with unspoiled beauty of Nature. Other than those mainstream attractions that already "WOWs" tourist, I believe there's much hidden paradise to discover and to be amazed for. It is probably why I'm so in love with my country because it never fails to awe-inspire me, make me appreciate simple things & lifestyles (keeps you humble), and most of all it fuels my adventurous spirit. ” /doctoban
  • Eduardo Joven

    Eduardo Joven

    SEO Consultant at

    “I choose the Philippines because it is the home of friendly fun-loving people who can always smile in all circumstances. Our Filipino food is a diverse blend of Asian, American and European culinary tastes and we have exotic and pristine Beaches. ” /PinoyRecipedotnet @pinoy_recipes
  • Glenn Santillan

    Glenn Santillan

    Blogger/HR Consultant

    “I choose the Philippines because of its colorful fiestas, pristine beaches, delectable cuisines and friendly locals.” /escapemanila @escapemanila
  • Janet Canoy

    Janet Canoy

    Manager, Administrative Department of the Tourism Board of the Philippines

    “I choose the Philippines because...”

  • Jill Bantang

    Jill Bantang


    “I choose the Philippines because it has 7,107 islands to explore and go on an adventure.” /thefoodscout @thefoodscout
  • Jose Mari Carlos Calderon

    Jose Mari Carlos Calderon

    Website Manager - MYXPH

    “I choose the Philippines because it's more fun here.” /MYXPhilippines @myxphilippines
  • Leon Flores III

    Leon Flores III

    Consultant, DTI & DCP

    “I choose the Philippines because it's more fun, more heart.”

    /leonfloresiii @leonfloresiii
  • Ma. Celeste

    Ma. Celeste "Tet" Romualdo


    “I choose the Philippines because there's a lot of great things about this country.”

    /TetRomualdo @tetromualdo
  • Margie Munsayac

    Margie Munsayac

    President of Hotel Sales & Marketing Association (HSMA)

    “I choose the Philippines...”

  • Mayette Sagales-Delfin

    Mayette Sagales-Delfin


    “I choose the Philippines..”

  • Nana Ozaeta

    Nana Ozaeta

    Editor-in-chief - Food Magazine

    “I choose the Philippines because...” /nana.ozaeta @nanaozaeta
  • Nandy Villar

    Nandy Villar

    Head of ABS-CBN Integrated Marketing

    “I choose the Philippines because...”

  • Rodrigo J. Acuzar, Jr.

    Rodrigo J. Acuzar, Jr.

    Blogger/Founder of Just Go Pilipinas

    “I choose the Philippines because it brings me pure joy to endlessly wander and get lost in this land I called Republika ng Paraiso (Paradise Republic). Nothing beats the thrill of getting to know your own home ––– our unique Filipino culture, the hospitality of our people, the most breathtaking views one can witness and the most inspiring stories that make us shine and feel proud to be Pinoy.”

    /JusrtGoPilipinas @JustGoPH
  • Ryan Real

    Ryan Real


    “I choose the Philippines because it is the best place next to heaven.” /ryanreal
  • Sherose Ontimare

    Sherose Ontimare

    Food Blogger

    “I choose the Philippines because I love my country and I'm proud to be a Filipino! Mabuhay!” /sheroseontimare @therealsherose
  • Spanky Enriquez

    Spanky Enriquez

    Capo di tutti capi at Sizzle Social Media, Marketing, Communications, and Advert

    “I choose the Philippines because...”

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