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From wondrous beaches and breathtaking mountains, to unforgettable festivals and awe-inspiring people, the Philippines gives wanderers so many reasons to choose our country. And as we continue to discover and share meaningful travel stories, we want you to be part of our journey.


Celebrating the country's most-loved home away from home.

Valuing accommodations that excel in service, hospitality, comfort, accessibility and aesthetics. This category shines the spotlight on the accommodations that doubles as your home away from home. It completes your travel experience by creating the perfect mood for a delightful experience. It gives you reliable service, comfort and safety—and you would not think twice of recommending it to your family and friends.


    This award goes to the place that exemplifies family-friendly lodging through entertaining activities and flexible amenities. Its friendly staff and quality food and beverage provide a highly satisfying travel experience to all family members of all ages.


    This award goes to the place that caters to a diverse range of independent travelers by providing them with safety and comfort for a reasonable price. Its trustworthy staff, homey vibe and special attention to safety contribute to a peaceful and carefree travel experience.


    The award goes to the place that best represents comfort through its warm and tranquil setting. Its relaxed environment and hospitable staff contribute to that “home away from home” feel, bringing satisfaction to traveling pairs who seek a cozy haven.


    This award goes to the place that stands out for accommodating groups and providing them with an enjoyable lodging experience. Its eye-catching aesthetics, special group accommodation packages, access to nature and recreational activities provide barkadas of any size a total bonding experience.


Celebrating the country's most-loved tourist spots.

This category honors the places that made you fall in love at first sight. Breathtakingly beautiful with its rich biodiversity and unique charm, this destination leaves a lasting impression. Its warm people and distinctive culture keep you looking forward to your next visit.


    This special award goes to a developed or entirely man-made recreational spot. It is known for its features that cater to specific sets of interests and structures that wanderers would like to experience firsthand.


    This special award goes to the island or beach that best reflects the splendor of the Philippine archipelago. Its beauty enraptures locals and tourists alike, making it the perfect summer getaway.


    This special award goes to a mountain or volcano that provides a memorable hike and an equally memorable scenery. It is a haven for both adventure seekers and nature lovers.


    This special award goes to a Philippine body of water whose undeniable beauty captivates the hearts of its visitors. Lakes, springs, waterfalls, rivers, mangroves – the Philippines is indeed rich with marvelous bodies of water.


    This special award goes to a local place or physical structure that represents a significant moment in Philippine history. This incredible landmark reminds us of our identities as Filipinos, giving us yet another reason to be proud of our heritage.


Recognizing local gastronomic treats that best represents a region.

This category honors the Filipino delicacies that serve as a region's sumptuous signature dish. It satisfies your cravings for Pinoy flavors while at the same time offering a totally novel and distinct gustatory experience. And because a region's cuisine is an indicator of its heritage and shared history, you know that no trip would be complete without taking a bite.

  • Beef / Poultry / Pork / SeaFood / Vegetable

    This award goes to the [beef/poultry/pork/sea food/ vegetable]-based dish that best represents the Philippines. It possesses a name that induces irresistible cravings, an aroma that captures the senses and a sumptuous flavor that’s uniquely Filipino. Its flavor, combined with the skills that went into crafting it, leaves those who sample it with an unforgettable gustatory experience.


    This award goes to the dish that proves how inventive Filipinos are in combining foreign and local flavors. This gastronomical treat puts a Pinoy twist on your favorite international cuisine.


    This award goes the local exotic dish that reflects a region’s rich culinary tradition.It is known for its intriguing characteristics and yet is surprisingly delightful. It may be a product of a recipe handed down from generations or it may come in the form of a region’s unique take on a Pinoy dish.


    This award goes to the most delectable treat that best represents a region. It often makes an appearance as a merienda staple, yet it can also be enjoyed any time during the day. Every serving packs a unique Filipino flavor that makes people fall in love at first bite and recall their fondest memories of the treat.


Introducing the country’s most memorable festivals.

This award goes to the most exciting, unforgettable, and meaningful Filipino festival.
This fun event shapes and enriches us by bringing together wonderful people and imparting a region’s age-old traditions.

Pinoy Advocate

Recognizing the country’s most admirable locals.

This award goes to an individual or group of Filipinos who brought honor to the country.
Their achievements, passion for their work, and love for country make us even prouder of the Philippines.

Pinoy at Heart

Recognizing foreigners who show their love for the Philippines.

This award goes to an individual or group of foreigners who have shown remarkable affinity towards the Philippines, its people and all things Pinoy.
Their body of work, interests and achievements show their immense love for our country, making it the place where their hearts truly reside.

You have chosen, Philippines!

Thank you for celebrating the many wonders of our country with us! Together, let us keep inspiring the world to Choose Philippines!

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